Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Early Bird Gets the Treasure!

I've been on a treasure-finding roll of extreme good fortune since May, 
both furnishings and fashion-wise! There's something so satisfying about finding 
exactly what you're looking for, for the right price, sold by lovely people. 

Nightstand 1

I'd rather go without, instead of ever having anything I don't love in my environment, 
so I haven't had nightstands until now. At the RoseBowl flea-market this month, 
I found these gently-used, mid-century beauties in a set with a large, matching 
dresser, which I didn't want or need. Lucky for me, my enthusiasm prevailed and the 
kind vendor called her husband, who gave the ok to split the set, then carted these through the market and into the car with a smile. $125 for the pair and I'll have them forever. I do wonder though, if the nightstands miss their old dresser friend...

Nightstand 2
Thinking pink with an orchid from Trader Joes, rose quartz (holding up polaroid) 
from the Melrose Trading Post and a pink python clutch from Crossroads Trader.
Stylish accessories double as stylish decor!

Dream Lamp
I have been looking for this exact vintage lamp for years. Most recently spotted at the RoseBowl last year, a vendor offered me 50% off... of $1500! Great offer, but I only had $35 to spend. I haven't seen one for less than $500, but my efforts at getting up early on a Saturday morning, to hit some neighborhood garage sales, paid off BIG TIME as this gorgeous light-giver, vintage brass with a solid marble base and three swivel-adjusting arms was mine for $275. Another forever find. Funny side note - Around the corner from this sale I picked up a heavy marble rolling pin ($5) from a sweet guy selling everything he owns to move back to CO and be with his sweetheart. I've never bought anything with marble before and this great day I bought two! 

  Why overspend on impersonal, cheaply made, store-bought furniture, when you can save money, have something original and a story that makes you smile every time you look at your surroundings? Why indeed? It does mean being patient and requires time and effort, but then everything worthwhile does. Now apply this to everything in your life, never settle for anything you don't love and stay true to you.

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Moi!

Marc Jacobs Diptych
Pristine white Marc Jacobs bag, found at Crossroads Trader for $27!
Perfect for summer and perfect for me... Oh happy day.

Gemini's Rule!!!

Until next time... Miss Absinthe