Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Strawberry Sweet

Strawberry Macaroon from Breadbar

Sweetie-pie surprised me today with a strawberry macaroon from Breadbar and it was large enough for us to share.

Though a larger and bit denser interpretation from traditional macaroons (I miss Boule), I enjoyed this pretty pink perfection and look forward to trying their vanilla and coffee flavors.

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

Silverlake Dress Treasure

Sundress from Silverlake Flea Market

This sweet little sundress from the Silverlake Flea Market was my reward yesterday for surviving unscathed (except mentally) 2 very close-call near-miss car crashes (someone ran a red on Robertson-almost hitting pedestrians and us and a bus almost turned into us) AND then experienced (but actually didn't witness - heard it then looked up to see the aftermath) a crash on Fountain... all within a 30 minute period. My absolute strangest and unsettling driving day in the 10 years I've been driving here.

But Sweetie-pie and I made it and joined friend Julia and her Steve, first for Kogi (our friend's first time!) then for a little treasure hunting therapy. I was expecting a larger event, but it had a good showing of vintage clothes vendors. Sweetie-pie first saw the dress and pointed it out (love it when he does that) and I returned the favor by finding him a great navy wool cardigan, both priced at $15

Sundress detail 1

Sundress detail 2

It appears to be handmade and I'm contemplating shortening it a bit, without messing with the too groovy scene and I'll wear it with a vintage leather belt.

This is my first vintage treasure find of the year!!! Great start if you ask me...

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

Serious Lamp Love

My Favorite Lamp (one of a pair)

Last week I mentioned my lovely lovely cream/gold table lamps that I recently brought out and placed in the bedroom and office... et voila! I got the pair for about $35 (if memory serves) from a now-gone shop in San Luis Obispo, CA and got the shades at Target, though I am keeping an eye out for a perfect vintage shades. I look forward every night to turning them on. What we put in our homes should make us happy, all the rest is just clutter.

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

Friday, January 29, 2010

Total Beverly Hills Moment

After a long day of errand running and an audition (the lead in a UCLA student film - keep fingers crossed), I went to my bi-monthly mani/pedi appt. at Contempo Nails on Robertson, just north of Olympic, where I've been going for a couple of years. It's got a funky mix of clientele, and it's often a great place to people-watch, not to mention inexpensive.

As I'm waiting for my newly-red nails to dry, an older gentleman, plainly dressed, but with a large multi-diamond ring on his left hand, clearly a regular (think I've seen him there before), sits down as several of the Vietnamese beauty-techs start fluttering around him, as he's there for the full mani/pedi/massage treatment.

In comes a woman whose car is being blocked in the rear parking lot by somebody's Mercedes, and she asks everyone if they own a Mercedes, to which this gentleman responded with a chuckle (and loud enough so we all could hear him) "I don't have a Mercedes, I have a Bentley."

Needless to say I laughed out loud and looked at him. I guess being rich isn't enough unless everyone knows it.

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Month of Janus

January is named for the Roman god Janus, the god of doors/gates and beginnings/endings. For me January means taking stock of absolutely everything I can think of in my life. It's not just about resolutions, it's about starting the new year with a totally clean slate and inviting new energy in. I fix what needs to be fixed, change what needs to be changed, clean out the no-longer-useful and address any nagging loose ends, so all I have to do is look forward.

Kitchen Shelf Still Life
  • Patched two holes in bedroom wall left over from when it was an office.
  • Brought out from storage 2 gorgeous vintage gold/cream table lamps that I bought over 5 years ago, got 2 inexpensive shades at Target (until I find the perfect vintage shades) and put one in the bedroom next to bed and the other in the office. Pics to come soon.
  • Cleaned out clothes closet/linen closet, bathroom cabinet, drawers et al...
  • Cleaned out 6 pairs of shoes I no longer wear and some accessories that were more shabby than chic. I made a few $$ selling to Crossroads Trader and donated the rest to Out of the Closet. NEVER THROW ANYTHING USABLE/WORKABLE IN THE TRASH - DONATE DONATE DONATE!!! I cannot get over all the perfectly useful items I find in the garbage that could go to people less fortunate and instead end up adding to our land-fill problems.
  • Found 2 maxi-dresses I never wear, but I think they'll be perfect re-worked and shortened... so off to the tailor.
  • Took out my first vintage fur (cute short brown mink jacket I got on Ebay for $25 in 2003!) that has been hiding in my back closet since I accidentally tore both sleeves in a hasty moment three years ago, and I patiently (hours upon hours) sewed the rips until good as new. Wore it for the first time on our rainy LA Sunday!
  • Needless to say... I cleaned cleaned cleaned! And I still have a little more to do...
By the end of the month I will... (weather permitting)
  • Take headboard that I got from friend/neighbor Lisa last year, add one foot to its height, prime it and paint it a brighter white (thinking about lacquer).
  • Re-pot and re-work some plants in the backyard.
  • Decide whether I'll repaint (gold, currently black) a vintage plant-stand I got last year from the Melrose Flea Market or put it in storage for now.
What I'll be looking for in 2010
  • I hate everything in the bathroom... so I'm looking for a new shower curtain and artwork.
  • May finally find a way to put up curtains over the kitchen windows.
  • Need a tablecloth for free-from-moving-out-neighbor kitchen table that is... well ugly. Contemplating painting it and putting down a glass top, but who knows.
  • Something for the bedroom walls.
  • A new shelf/storage unit for the office - Sweetie-pie has a vintage camera/polaroid collection that needs a showcase, while providing additional workspace.
  • And I always have my eyes out for treasure treasure treasure!!!

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chanel Words to Live By...

I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.
— Coco Chanel

Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Back and Moving Forward


What 2009 brought me... in no particular order...
  • This blog! My major goal was/is to inspire a glamorous/pampering/adventurous/slightly eccentric/creative life without it being about money or status. And share the occasional star-sighting... AND to share my genius wit and artistic prowess... ;) Merci to all you wonderful readers and bloggers who inspire me in return!
  • The Sounds of Silence, a UC Northridge film in which I had a fun role written for me by the director(after I auditioned for another role!), and the friendships made on the set.
  • A first edition/hardcover of Tom Robbins' Jitterbug Perfume, one of my favorite books by my favorite author, won on Ebay for $3!
  • Four marvelous meals (3 this summer, 1 on 12/21) at Ludobites... my faves were the chorizo/cantaloupe/cornichorn ice soup (had every time this summer), lobster medallions (omg that gelee), the tomato salad with feta mousse and both versions of fried chicken, though the version on 12/21 with the cantal polenta and mole took me to a transcendent place. If Maestro Ludo (or anyone who knows him) sees this, please consider a Ludo Comforts U truck, selling your soups and fried chicken with polenta to a happy happy public!!!
  • Crossroads Trader treasures (all under $50!)... most notably, a navy Gucci dress that fits me like a glove, black Donald Pliner cork wedges, Chip and Pepper wide-leg jeans (softest denim omg), Sonia Rykiel gold platform sandals, some pretty Marc Jacobs tops and a super-soft turquoise cashmere sweater.
  • I perfected my pig candy recipe and recently made candied bacon balls that were rich/sweet porcine heaven.
  • Butterflies and gemstones at the Natural History Museum this summer.
White Butterfly Amongst Bright Flowers
  • My first film camera, a plastic Diana F+ Nightcap, and expired film now give me another outlet for my storytelling.
  • My two groovy finds... the champagne mink jacket of my dreams (seen in pic above, as I was leaving Ludobites on 12/21) and a heavy gold Egyptian necklace that reminded me of one of my favorite bloggers, The Glamourai.
  • Umami Burger's SoCal Burger
  • The Golden State Cafe - the friendly neighborhood cafe I wish there were more of. It's so nice to walk into a place and be recognized and talked to. Merci Jason!
  • Animal Restaurant - great inventive food and no attitude
  • My new favorite go-to restaurant - The Veggie Grill on Sunset at Crescent Heights. Vegan fast-ish food that will satisfy non-vegans... healthy, delicious and good for the environment. My fave is the chicken ceasar salad and I sub fried chicken for the blackened. Best faux-chicken I've had. They have a burger I will try sometime soon, but I keep ordering that salad!
  • O-burger in Weho... organic, grass-fed burgers
  • Kogi Kogi Kogi!!!
  • My favorite Mexican peasant top ($5!) from Out of the Closet.
  • Lulu Organics hair powder - for that perfect messy bedhead and not having to wet-wash my hair too often.
  • Exchanged the office with the bedroom and now get to wake up to trees and a few crazy squirrels.
My Room With A View
  • Finished the re-write of my pilot script, The Day Shift. All I need now is a producer with vision!!!
  • Gold this, gold that and the gold other thing...
  • My first foray into backyard gardening that led to my foot meets pottery shard adventure. Without any doctors. stiches or drugs, I prevented infection and promoted healing with lavender oil, apple cider vinegar, tumeric, manuka honey and hand-made bandages (and boosted my immune system internally). Five months later and no regrets, the area is still tender, and I figure it will be a full year before it's 100%. Natural healing isn't speedy, but I prefer to work with my body, not against it. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • I checked a life goal off the list in November by learning how to properly handle and shoot a handgun. As an actress, I want to look like I know what I'm doing (cause I want to be cast as a badass, of course!) and it's another skill that's worth learning well. Merci to friend Richard, who's an expert in this field (felt like I was watching the Terminator when he was shooting), for being patient with me and for loading the clips when my fingers started to hurt (yeah I'm such a girl sometimes).
Right On Target
  • Fantastic and inexpensive reflexology massages at JB Natural Foot Massage on Robertson. I'm going again next week with friend Julia!
  • My energy-healer Maggie who has made me healthier, both mentally and physically. I met her as a result of my foot injury (indirectly), so you never know what positive will emerge from a perceived negative event. I try to be grateful for everything, because life can be crazy wonderful...
Adieu 2009!!!

Bienvenue 2010!!!

May the adventures begin...

Miss Absinthe