Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Roll of Film - Four Photos - Five Months

Self-portrait in Parking Mirror
My favorite self-portrait thus far,using a parking mirror
on Laurel Ave,West Hollywood.
I love the serendipitous red triangle created by the light leak/parking sign/car driving by and the picture within a picture/juxtaposition of the trees.

Octopus in Silverlake
I'm a sucker for a pink octopus!

Old Military Chest in Back of Truck
This weathered and rusty trunk had an old military address and was sitting unguarded in the back of a strange truck that was made from parts of different vehicles... I call it a Franken-truck. I really wanted to know what was inside, but I didn't tempt fate that day.

Enjoying the 2nd Amendment
Who says you can't be an artist AND liberal AND bad ass?
From my first day ever at a shooting range, learning the responsible/right way
to handle a weapon. Still a pacifist though...

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

4 comments: said...

Good shots!! Great blog!!


drollgirl said...

lovely photos! just super!

and i like that you can shoot AND still be a pacifist! that is the way to go! :)

tiktok said...
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Saumya said...

Gorgeous photos!!! I love your blog!