Sunday, March 28, 2010

Review - Seoul Town Tapas at Breadbar

Seoul Town Tapas @ Breadbar
Grilled Nutella Sammie w/ Pain de Mie and Blueberries

Last Saturday night, the Mister and I wandered over to Breadbar on west 3rd, to dine at chef Debbie Lee's pop-up restaurant, Seoul Town Tapas, a modern take on Korean Pub Grub. Oddly enough I haven't seen/read any reviews, considering how much coverage Ludovic Lefebvre received at the same location, twice.

Here are my thoughts:
  1. This type of venue/menu would be a nice permanent addition to the neighborhood, but it isn't "destination" food that draws "foodies", hence the lack of buzz. Everything we ate was simple and enjoyable, but not necessarily worth driving across town for. Chef Lee needs to make sure that wherever she plans her permanent location should have heavy foot traffic.
  2. Her menu would actually work really well as a food-truck concept.
  3. My faves were the daikon kimchee amuse bouche, the curry hummus w/wonton crostini, the chicken meatball (tasted like sweet/sour chicken) and the ultra-yummy (soon to be recreated at home) grilled nutella w/ blueberries sandwich (pic above).
  4. Prices were good, but I thought $16 was a bit much for the Korean Fried Chicken. I have a very high bar when it comes to fried chicken, and I only enjoyed it $10's worth.
  5. Chef Lee would benefit from coming out of the kitchen from time to time. I like it when chefs connect with their diners, even if it's minimal.
  6. Am planning on returning before this ends on April 10th, since it's an easy and walkable few blocks away. Will definitely try another dessert and forgo the fried chicken.
Until next time... Miss Absinthe


pass said...
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drollgirl said...

i drive past this place on my way home most nights. i have never been, but i should stop in one night!

Anonymous said...

hey bud. just happened to read this post about seoul town tapas at breadbar and thought i would leave a comment since i've eaten there a couple of times. i definitely agree with your idea of this becoming a food truck b/c i believe the food was amazing. also couldn't agree with you anymore on one of my favorite dishes ever, the grilled nutella sammie. simply amazing! i do disagree with your opinion on the fried chicken. been there about 3 times and have gotten that dish ever time. it's definitely up there for some of the best fried chicken up there and i gladly pay the $16 for it. when you go back, ask the for their spicy sauce on the side(if you like spice of course). if you dip the kfc in that, you'll change your mind :) also gotta disagree with you on chef lee being in the kitchen too much. every time i've been there, she's always greeted my table and asked us how we're doing. even sat with us the last time and chatted for a lil. hopefully the next time you head over there, you'll change your mind. a couple recommendations for your next visit: try some of the skewers. the pork with apples & salmon and scallions are simply amazing. also, try the flatbread! the combo of braised pork and pesto is crazy awesome. hope that helps you out and maybe i'll see you there! :)

v佳馥虹玲 said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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