Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mon Dieu It's July!

Golden Gerberas

The past two months have flown by and I'm in a bit of a daze.
Now it's looking like the next two months will be more of the same...

In a nutshell... my life has been about:

A rescued Chihuahua named Charlie (my first pet!) and rehabilitating him with love.
Landlord discovering Charlie the ONE time he barked only one week after getting him.
Looking for new apartment.
My birthday - quiet and low-key this year.
Leaving town to take care of ailing relative (everything turned out fine).
Finding new apartment - on my way to Melrose Place!


Organize! Toss out! Store! Sell! Donate! Rinse... Repeat!
Move... and all the delightful chaos that ensues.
Turn the new abode into a bohemian paradise.
Make friends with the new neighborhood - will now have farmer's market in walking distance.

So I beg your patience, darling readers, during this time of many transformations.
I know many new adventures are on their way.


Until next time... Miss Absinthe


drollgirl said...

boy, lots has changed for you!

i hope the move is a good one. walking distance to a farmer's market is always a plus!

and i hope you and doggie will be happy. hang in there! and hope you move before it gets sweaty hot!

drollgirl said...

hope things have gone well for you this month! hang in there! hopefully you are over the hump by now!!!!

min it said...

It´s funny read your last post because my life this last months is being flat in Spain, moving to another one in London,loving my job, another job...ufff
My best wishes to you!!