Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rainy Day Photo Adventure

Last Wednesday, LA experienced a classic downpour and afterwards I took a long walk around my Melrose neighborhood and its alleys with my Charlie-dog, taking pics. The day before had been particularly tough and trying (post on that to follow), so I was in dire need of the inspiration and invigoration.

Brown Leaves/Pink Flowers/Blue Toes
Pink flowers keep brown leaves company, companions in carnage.

Blue Balloon

Good Times Left Behind
Must have been a fun party...

Wet Hibiscus
I imagine this is what Hawaii feels like.

I Say Tomato
Regard le pauvre tomato...

Wet Backalley Racism
Apparently racism is still in vogue in some alleys... wonder how long it's been there.

Says it all
Got to admire straight and to the point.

There are very few things that can beat a long walk after the rain... merci weather gods!

Until next time... Miss Absinthe


drollgirl said...

that rain was INSANE! and boy, is it long gone or what?!?!

love your photos. they are rad. except the racist one makes me want to kick something!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Such a fabulous blog. :)

And I love all these photos, well, except the racist one. Strange how far we've come and yet not so far at all in some cases. Sigh.