Friday, July 19, 2013

Hei Finland!

Finnish Fashion

Et voila! Earlier this year I was interviewed and photographed wearing my own second-hand fashion finds, by the Finnish women's magazine, Kauneus & TerveysSharing some Bohemian wisdom and general grooviness, I discussed such things as how I never go in the sun without my parasol, wear sunscreen everyday (the most natural I can find), love Korean spas, my treasure-hunting prowess (like my $30 Gucci dress from Crossroads Trader), and among my many inspirations, Jane Birkin and Frida Kahlo, two strong and stylish women. 

Taking over the world and turning it Bohemian, one country at a time... Miss Absinthe

note - In the article my name is spelled wrong. Sinclaire has an e at the end. Without that tiny little vowel, I become a boy. 

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Willie Ames said...

Gucci dress looks beautiful.