Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Word's Fail Me (and it's not the heat)!!!

Chloe Sevigny at Coachella via the Fug Girls

Darling readers, please know that posts are on their way (once hot brain cool down)... but as I sit here in the HEAT w/o any air conditioning (soaking my feet in ice water laced with apple cider vinegar is very refreshing), this picture made its way into my world and man... I suppose old men everywhere, who are closer to death than birth, can go to their maker in the comforting knowledge that their habit of wearing the ugliest possible socks with the ugliest possible sandals in weather that really doesn't say "MUST WEAR SOCKS!" will live on as hipsters everywhere start imitating this "muse". Wow. I want whatever that girl is smoking... as long as somebody checks my outfit before I go out the door!

Until the weather cools down... Miss Absinthe


Tina Tarnoff said...

god, I hate sandals with socks so much. what's wrong with her! and I liked her so :(

Miss Absinthe said...

When she hits, she hits... when she misses...