Tuesday, August 25, 2009

At Least It All Matches... part 1

Bloodshed in the Garden
Repeat after me... Always wear shoes when gardening! Always wear shoes when gardening!

I haven't written in so long, merci for being patient!!! In the interest of catching up I will be semi-brief:
  1. The second week of July, I totally lost my mojo. No photos taken, no new gardening, no writing, no blogging, no inspiration, dealing with noisy douchebag neighbor... you get the idea. According to certain esoteric traditions, the time of Leo (mid-July/mid-August) has some of the most negative energy of the year, and honestly I have found this to be true year after year after year. Most of my life's most negative events have taken place during this part of summer.
  2. One glorious exception (to be blogged soon) to all this ennui were three transcendent dinners at Ludobites. Oh Mon Dieu.
  3. 18 days ago (still in Leo) I was having a perfect day... Sweetie-pie took a day off and we were preparing to spend an overnight in Ojai, had a great lunch at Baby Blues BBQ, then shopping at Crossroads Trader (found gorgeous Donald Pliner cork wedges with the softest black leather upper and a cute Marimekko top that I'll nip/tuck), followed by hour-long $25 reflexology at JB Natural and then frozen yogurt right down the street (Robertson) at Toppings. Pretty nice day I must say.
  4. We also picked up some gardening supplies (dirt/organic fertilizer/shovel) for some late afternoon gardening needing to be done before the trip. I had seedlings and plants that needed repotting and some general tidying up that I had put off. The sun was going down, my ipod was playing Rise by Herb Alpert, I was almost finished, moving a new plant (named Molly cause she's pink and pretty) to the plant stand in the corner of the yard and when I went to put the pot down... I missed and dropped/shattered the pot, causing a large shard to drop and pierce the top of my bare foot. Good thing for me, I don't panic and I grab my foot tightly, already bleeding more than a small cut and oddly leaving two identical marks on the pavement that won't wash away, forever leaving my mark (see kids, pain can be artful!) and here's the funny part (yeah real funny), the color of the pot matched my toenail color and matches the color of the bloodstain (see kids, pain can be stylish!). I then raised my foot above my heart to lower the pressure and called (between swearing up a storm) up to SP to bring down something to stop the bleeding (and I was a bit woozy by now, the initial adrenaline wearing off).
In the next installment, I will regale you with how I didn't go to the hospital/doctor and healed this on my own (no infection whatsoever) with nothing more than Tumeric, Lavender Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, lots of cut-up socks and patience.

So my mojo has returned and we've entered Virgo, sigh of relief.

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

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drollgirl said...

oh god!! what a gigantic pain!!! but i am glad you are ok, and avoiding the doctor if at all possible is my motto!!!!