Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Met a Fashion Angel!

How my 20 year old pick-up truck got me a free belt (a true fashion adventure)!

Sky Belt

I've had a few groovy interactions due to driving my old white beast (name of Bettie),
but this was by far the best.

A few weeks ago I was gassing up Bettie on 3rd street, when this gentleman (60's ?) in all black, with a belt (like pictured) and cap to match, walked by and commented on how much he missed his old junker of a truck...and from there the conversation turned to how he's lived in LA for a long time, how he was once part of the music scene, and finally, how he designed the belt and hat he's wearing and that his stuff had been featured in Japanese magazines, etc.

He was real sweet (no smarm), no strange vibes (got LA radar for that), and he mixed in some great peace/love gems into the mix, so I was happy to listen and experience the genuine moment, one human connecting to another.

A few minutes went by, we said our good-bye and I was about to drive away,
when he flagged me to wait for a sec as he went to his Mustang
(he was waiting for it to get washed) and pulled out a stack of belts.
"What size are you?" and "More rock-ish or feminine?"
"Small and feminine"
He took one of the belts and gave it to me, then showed me the Japanese
magazine blurb. We chatted for a few more minutes, then I went on my way.
His name is Sky, and I love the belt.

Sky Belt Buckle

Now contemplating how I want to wear it. Will keep you posted!

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

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Julia said...

what a great belt run-in!