Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Walking Around WeHo

Wandering Wandering Wandering...

Ghosts - No Extra Charge
Whoever rented this unit may be calling Ghostbusters, cause this is the apt that three guys were shot and murdered in, two weeks after I moved into the neighborhood!
Do you think the landlord told the new tenants?

Good Way to Go
This grasshopper hasn't moved in three days. What a way to go... death by flower!

Steve Martin in the Gutter
Steve Martin vying to fill Rodney Dangerfield's shoes by not getting any respect.

Mouthful of Racism

Meter-ed Racism
This is the same artful racist who tagged the drain pipe I found earlier.
I'm documenting each one I find. What is the story here???

Carpe Diem!
I followed the cork's instructions... by seizing it and taking it home.

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

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