Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paging Doctor Freud

I took the following pics, in order shown, as found,
on my poochie walk with Charlie, a few days ago in my neighborhood.
It wasn't until I looked at them in my iPhone did I detect a possible connection.
Is the universe or my subconscience telling me something? Or is a pickle just a pickle?

Gutter Still Life with Pickles
No jar, no glass... just flowers, cigarettes and a pretty pickle pattern.

Two Prickley Balls
These were found alone on the sidewalk, carefully placed there by somebody else.

A Public Phallicy
My geeky little mind thinks of ancient Roman graffiti when I see this.
Wondering if this is an insult... or a compliment? HA!

So I leave it to you dear readers... What does it all mean??? ;)

Until next time... Miss Absinthe


drollgirl said...

BAHAHHA!!! love it.

Charles Bivona said...

Ummmm. I think you are of something... =-)

Alex said...

ohh what clever shots! haha - i have never seen a bunch of pickles on the sidewalk before so maybe the universe is telling you to eat more salt or something :)

i am a new two point oh la-er and i really love your blog! just popping in to say hello - and ill be back! check out mine if you have a minute! xx, alex