Saturday, May 21, 2011

All Sorts of Wrong

Imagine if you will...

Going to check out a new neighborhood joint, the Fat Dog, just north of Melrose on Fairfax...
Ordering the Fat Dog, described as a grilled beef hot dog w condiments...(nothing more)
Then watching your waitress cross the entire restaurant with a GIANT 12-inch hot dog on a small
6-inch bun that serves no other purpose, but to accentuate the size of this OBSCENE piece of meat.

I have never in my life EVER blushed at food, but there really is a first time for everything.
When the waitress asked if I needed anything else, I replied... my dignity back.

I promptly (faster than ever in my life) cut the damn thing in half, then half again
and tried vainly to make the hot dog fit somehow in the bun, but to no avail...
It was impossible to eat with any decorum and it wasn't tasty enough to compensate.

More than a mouthfull...
Enough meat for 2 hungry people - but only barely enough bun for 1/2
The bun isn't cut all the way thru, great for showing GIRTH, not so great for eating like a human being.

Not once was I told how big this monstrosity was going to be! I'm a small person, after all.
This is the most illogical and overpriced ($10 and $4 for ice tea, yeah) hotdog EVER.

Until next time... Miss Absinthe


Jennifer said...

awesome, how long will you be eating that for?

Amy said...

This gives all sorts of new context to food porn. lol

drollgirl said...

um, this made me laugh! kind of gross! and pretty much RIDIC! and a total rip off. god!

CARRIE said...

I'm sorry your hotdog sucked, but this is still pretty hilarious! The worst hotdog I've had was at the Hollywood Bowl-- equally overpriced and shriveled like, um, old man wiener. I also kind of hate Dodger Dogs. X-P