Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time Traveling Hair Adventure

Recently I had the happy privilege of being a hair model for a period-hair class.
My dear friend and hair guru-mistress Addie Markowitz created over seven specific
hair creations over the course of one day and these are my favorites...

Almost Garbo
Channeling my inner Greta Garbo for this 30's interpretation.

Almost Rita Hayworth
Then a trip to the 40's for my inner Rita Hayworth.

Antoinette Redux - front
Next, a wind-blown Marie Antoinette...

Antoinette Redux - back
Almost ready for the masquerade.

Screaming the 70's
And my favorite... a wild 70's mane to wear to Studio 54.

Merci to Addie for a day of fun and hair adventures!!!

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

1 comment:

drollgirl said...

i love them all!

and the last one is my favorite, too!

p.s. you are beautiful!