Friday, January 29, 2010

Total Beverly Hills Moment

After a long day of errand running and an audition (the lead in a UCLA student film - keep fingers crossed), I went to my bi-monthly mani/pedi appt. at Contempo Nails on Robertson, just north of Olympic, where I've been going for a couple of years. It's got a funky mix of clientele, and it's often a great place to people-watch, not to mention inexpensive.

As I'm waiting for my newly-red nails to dry, an older gentleman, plainly dressed, but with a large multi-diamond ring on his left hand, clearly a regular (think I've seen him there before), sits down as several of the Vietnamese beauty-techs start fluttering around him, as he's there for the full mani/pedi/massage treatment.

In comes a woman whose car is being blocked in the rear parking lot by somebody's Mercedes, and she asks everyone if they own a Mercedes, to which this gentleman responded with a chuckle (and loud enough so we all could hear him) "I don't have a Mercedes, I have a Bentley."

Needless to say I laughed out loud and looked at him. I guess being rich isn't enough unless everyone knows it.

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

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