Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Month of Janus

January is named for the Roman god Janus, the god of doors/gates and beginnings/endings. For me January means taking stock of absolutely everything I can think of in my life. It's not just about resolutions, it's about starting the new year with a totally clean slate and inviting new energy in. I fix what needs to be fixed, change what needs to be changed, clean out the no-longer-useful and address any nagging loose ends, so all I have to do is look forward.

Kitchen Shelf Still Life
  • Patched two holes in bedroom wall left over from when it was an office.
  • Brought out from storage 2 gorgeous vintage gold/cream table lamps that I bought over 5 years ago, got 2 inexpensive shades at Target (until I find the perfect vintage shades) and put one in the bedroom next to bed and the other in the office. Pics to come soon.
  • Cleaned out clothes closet/linen closet, bathroom cabinet, drawers et al...
  • Cleaned out 6 pairs of shoes I no longer wear and some accessories that were more shabby than chic. I made a few $$ selling to Crossroads Trader and donated the rest to Out of the Closet. NEVER THROW ANYTHING USABLE/WORKABLE IN THE TRASH - DONATE DONATE DONATE!!! I cannot get over all the perfectly useful items I find in the garbage that could go to people less fortunate and instead end up adding to our land-fill problems.
  • Found 2 maxi-dresses I never wear, but I think they'll be perfect re-worked and shortened... so off to the tailor.
  • Took out my first vintage fur (cute short brown mink jacket I got on Ebay for $25 in 2003!) that has been hiding in my back closet since I accidentally tore both sleeves in a hasty moment three years ago, and I patiently (hours upon hours) sewed the rips until good as new. Wore it for the first time on our rainy LA Sunday!
  • Needless to say... I cleaned cleaned cleaned! And I still have a little more to do...
By the end of the month I will... (weather permitting)
  • Take headboard that I got from friend/neighbor Lisa last year, add one foot to its height, prime it and paint it a brighter white (thinking about lacquer).
  • Re-pot and re-work some plants in the backyard.
  • Decide whether I'll repaint (gold, currently black) a vintage plant-stand I got last year from the Melrose Flea Market or put it in storage for now.
What I'll be looking for in 2010
  • I hate everything in the bathroom... so I'm looking for a new shower curtain and artwork.
  • May finally find a way to put up curtains over the kitchen windows.
  • Need a tablecloth for free-from-moving-out-neighbor kitchen table that is... well ugly. Contemplating painting it and putting down a glass top, but who knows.
  • Something for the bedroom walls.
  • A new shelf/storage unit for the office - Sweetie-pie has a vintage camera/polaroid collection that needs a showcase, while providing additional workspace.
  • And I always have my eyes out for treasure treasure treasure!!!

Until next time... Miss Absinthe


drollgirl said...

you are a HOUSE ON FIRE! in a good way!!!

p.s. i am so glad you liked that photographer's work. i get the feeling most aren't gaga for it, and i am OVER THE MOON with his work. just love it. :)

The Eternal Intern said...

I wish I had your motivation!!! January is also my month to get things sorted out...but I usually push a few things back to February!! Haha!!
good luck with everything!!
Flora xoxo