Thursday, August 9, 2012

Five Countries One STREET

Had a late lunch at STREET where I kept using the word AWESOME, like I was stuck in 1982 Sherman Oaks. But that was the word that kept coming to mind, to mingle in between all the ooohs and ahhhs. Everything ordered was a different combo of sugar and spice and savory so nice all in little golden ball form... Food porn for every sense.

Spicy Sweet Millet Puffs
Indian inspired sweet curried millet puffs. Gratis and I couldn't stop munching!
Recipe found here, I feel a food experiment is in my future.

Thai Chicken Satay Meatballs
Thai inspired chicken satay meatballs in light peanut sauce with cucumber vinaigrette.

Syrian Lamb Meatballs
Syrian inspired lamb meatballs with dates, feta and carob molasses. 
Not gamey, perfect.

Chicken Croquettes w Waffle
USA inspired fried chicken croquette with waffle in a spicy maple sauce. 
This is the one dish I will never share again! MINE MINE MINE

Croatian Apple Fritters
Croatian inspired sour apple fritters in a whisky cider sauce, pure fried dough heaven.

Merci to STREET for a meal around the world that made my day!

Gros Bisous... Miss Absinthe

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