Friday, August 17, 2012

My First EFFEN Party

 Gorgeous vodka concoctions mixed with art and fashion at EFFEN Vodka's Art of Design event last week at the Marvimon House. Lots of shaking and stirring...

EFFEN Stands Alone

Several prominent LA mixologists competed for the honor of making the ultimate EFFEN vodka creation. My favorite combined basil, blackberries and orange simple syrup for a dangerously delicious brew that's beautiful as well.


Pink Python Clutch Vodka Chaser

My favorite drink matching my outfit was a complete coincidence.

Blue Toes Blue Vodka

Art of Design Party People

Merci to EFFEN for a fanciful and colorful night out on the town.

Gros Bisous... Miss Absinthe


Maggie said...

Very nicely done Ms Absinthe. You've quite a unique eye/approach, I like very much!
Look forward to next post. M :-)

Zane Wooder said...

I think the drink matching your outfit wasn't so unplanned.