Friday, July 27, 2012

Beauty Beauty Everywhere

A little bit here and a little bit there... 
Upcycled Earrings
These gorgeous agate earrings have Czech (Bohemian) glass faces, are tied with 
fair-trade recycled sari ribbon, and were hand-made in New Orleans by one of my fantastic followers, Heidi Post and sold in her Etsy Shop, Ex Post Facto. If you're 
looking for something original and inexpensive (most jewelry is under $75), her 
shop is worth checking out! Heidi sent these to me in an Altoids tin, and the very 
first time I ever had Altoids was shortly after I moved to New Orleans to start my 
life of Bohemian adventures... before NYC Paris London Las Vegas Seattle and LA. 
I love synchronicity, there are no coincidences. Merci Heidi!!!

Scentual Still Life

The lovely people at Pacifica sent me this reed diffuser in Indian Coconut Nectar and now my bedroom smells like an exotic vanilla dream. Scent is an important layer to having a beautiful living space, and I prefer diffusers to candles, as they're long-lasting and don't have to be watched constantly for safety. Pacifica's diffusers are stylish and subtle and most importantly, aren't toxic like most commercial room fragrances. Remember, just because it says NATURAL on the label, does not make it so. Read and research every ingredient. It's not possible to eliminate every toxic chemical, but every little bit adds up. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel when you start basing your life in nature, not to mention how smart you'll be when you stay informed. 

Scentual Sidenote - I asked Pacifica if they had any fragrances that would be 
considered "masculine", for you eco-conscious men out there who care about your 
health and how you smell (thank you for that, from all the ladies). They suggested Spanish Amber and Sandalwood, which they sent me. Woodsy, warm, and light, with 
a hint of citrus... I think it works for men and women. Merci Pacifica!!!

Beauty Potions
 Bohemian Beauty Finds - These make my life better:

Under $5, Crystal Essence deodorant changed my life, seriously. Nothing on Earth will stop stink from happening like this stuff and it leaves no pesky residue on clothes. I love that it's a spray and like the rest of these products, works for both men and women. 

Crafting herbal-based remedies since the mid-1800's, Thayers makes a gentle rose-petal witch hazel that I use as a toner after washing my face with my LilyB facial wash. It's wonderful for sensitive skin and also makes a great body splash in the summer; just put 
it in the fridge and use it to cool off! There are many varieties, but the rose-petal is intoxicating without any heaviness.  At under $10, it's another great value.

I've been a fan of vitamin C serums forever, and about two years ago I discovered NuFountain on Amazon. I buy the C+ Lightening serum, which has significantly reduced what little sun damage I suffered from and took a few years off. What's really groovy is that what you buy doesn't get made until you order it, making it fresh AND if you order two bottles at the same time, you get one free (I store them in the fridge). Another cool feature, on the NuFountain website is descriptions of the ingredients they use, something every cosmetic/skincare company should do with every product. 

Argan oil is a miracle. I replaced all my moisturizers and body lotions with this pure, 
raw organic elixir from Morocco, that is also empowering the women who harvest and minimally process it. My skin has never been healthier or happier, partly due to the high amounts of vitamin E present. Make sure you get the RAW oil and not anything that has been "deodorized". Some people don't like the smell of the raw, but I think it smells a little like olive tapanade and it's not anything that sticks around or interferes with anything sweeter you want to smell like. I bought a deodorized product once and I could detect the smell of the chemicals used to take the smell away. It was weird. There are many products out there, but for price and quality I like Slice of Nature.

Everything your bring into your life and home should be beautiful and have purpose, settle for nothing less and you'll have no regrets. Remember, beauty is everywhere.

Until next time... Miss Absinthe

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Heidi Post said...

Oh thank you for featuring me :) That's a funny little coincidence about the Altoids tins! When my dad quit smoking 15 years ago, he took up Altoids. He has tins stashed all over his house, and once I realized how perfect they were for shipping I asked for any empties he's willing to part with.

I liked reading about your fragrance products - but I am allergic to fragrance, which always makes me sad. Someone gave me some Pacifica lotion for a gift and it smelled absolutely divine, but I had to pass it on to someone else. I might look into the C+ serum though. The last year or so, it seems I notice something new every day in regards to my skin aging. Anything to help!