Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bohemian TwoPointOhLA Picnic Adventure

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Attended the TwoPointOhLA  picnic in Griffith Park last weekend.
Beautifully put together by our tireless blog-mistress Kelsi, of 
Dedicated Follower of Fashion, my fellow bloggers and I enjoyed
 a lovely afternoon of all things fashion!

TwoPointOhLA Picnic Loot

I was treated to a necklace from Crossroads Trader, the SOFTEST tank 
from Michael Stars (which doesn't fit right, but will be perfect for a re-work),
 and in perfect synchronicity with my needs... A pair of Chloe sunglasses from the 
people at Ditto, a sunglass ecommerce site with a fun and practical difference. 
In addition to free shipping and returns, you can upload video of yourself to virtually 
try on and see what looks best, get opinions from friends, AND if you still aren't 
sure, you can talk to one of their stylists for a recommendation. I was lucky to talk 
to Victoria who picked the pair above for me to try-on, which are the perfect color
 and shape for my face, so I can attest to how helpful they are! Since I've been 
searching high and low for a new pair of sunnies for months, this made my day
 on many levels.

The ring pictured is from Crossroads Trader, it looks so Kelly Wearstler,
but was only $15. Since I was on such a roll, I went shopping after the 
picnic and am glad I did! Funny how it all goes together.

Braid me!

I was thrilled to see the Braid Bar, courtesy of Hairroin Salon in Hollywood.
In less than 5 minutes, I had a groovy braided bun! Merci Janine!

Surreal Me 

For some crazy reason (Mercury retrograde!!!) my Hipstamatic setting changed 
itself on its own, so my picnic pics turned out a little surreal... But that suits me.
I'm wearing a re-worked peasant top I bought on Ebay years ago, removed the 
sleeves and replaced the neckline with a silk cord that matches the detailing,
and earrings made by one of my followers! (post on that coming soon.)

Merci Kelsi (and your helpful minions) for another fabulous time!
Merci to Michael Yates of The Snark for including me in his blogpost of this event!

Until next time... Miss Absinthe


Tiara Henry said...

these pictures are everything!! so cool.

drollgirl said...

another event i missed out on! and i live RIGHT BY GRIFFITH PARK. d'oh!!!

love the pics! love what you got!

AND, i loved your comment today. sometimes i need relationship help/advice/input from others, and your input was very much appreciated. thank you.